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Rabu, 08 September 2010

Ways For Teens to Make Money

Okay, so you've decided you want to make more money than you're getting from your allowance. That's great and there are many ways for teens to make money that you can do even if you have little to no work experience. Here are a few popular ways and some marketing tips to really get the dollars coming in.

Babysitting is one of the most common ways for teens to make money. If you are thinking about babysitting I encourage you to get CPR certified. You can take a one day class for about $50-$60 depending on where you go. That way you can put fliers up in local neighborhoods advertising a CPR certified sitter. People will find peace of mind knowing their children are in the hands of someone that can handle a crisis. Babysitters typically make about $8 an hour so it's a great starter job that will still allow for study time when the kids go to bed.

Another one of the popular ways for teens to make money is mowing lawns. Target the neighborhoods that typically have nice lawns. You want to go there because you know they care about their lawns and will most likely pay someone else money to keep them nice. Try and scout out the lawns that don't look as great as their neighbors. You can offer discounts for referrals or you can offer a discount on their first cut if they promise to come back to you next time it needs to be cut. Make up fliers and stick them on, not in, the mailboxes. It is illegal to put things inside of a mailbox unless you're the mailman so just slide the flier in-between the box and the flag. After you get some testimonials you can use them on your fliers and marketing. Nothing speaks louder in advertising than the words straight from your satisfied customers.

Remember that even though this may be a part time job for you, school being your full time job, you should treat it like a business. Don't expect business to seek you out. You have to get your name out there or people won't know where to find you. This may not be a career choice for you but if you treat it like a business it's something you can put on your resume which is great if you have a thin resume and need more work experience to list.

Find inexpensive ways to market. Make fliers on your computer and put them up in grocery stores in your area of town. You can also get business cards made for free at If you are starting your babysitting business go to PTA meetings and hand out your business cards. If you're starting your lawn mowing business, go to the local garden shop and ask if you can leave business cards with them. Tell them that if they send you business you will recommend their product. Marketing with other businesses should always be a win-win.

Nowadays getting a website is so easy and can cost little to no money. Set up a page for your business. Include pictures of your work, testimonials, specials you may be running or anything else you think will help people get to know you before they meet you. People only do business with people they like so make sure you sell yourself.

Overall there are infinite ways for teens to make money if you are creative. Think about what it is you do well or what you enjoy doing. Do you like dogs? How about dog walking? You like cars? How about car detailing? Whatever it is, the important thing is to treat it like a business and market, market, market. Good luck!

Jason Morecraft 

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