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Minggu, 05 September 2010

Success in the New Office

The interview has just been done; the job is in front of you. It is often you feel anxious what you will do next in the new office. The preparation is necessary but the most important thing is performance. Follow this step to get the best;

1. Impression
Give good and familiar impression. If your boss has no time to introduce you, do it yourself, do it not overacting. Shake their hands and mention your name, and smile.

2. Making an issue
If your partner begins to make a gossip about your boss the people you replaced, ignore it. Replay with smile, yet you are curious to know. Besides it is not good, you don't know the map relation of partners in the new office.

3. Be industrious
Do all your assignments with pleasure. Let your boss judges you, though you make profit in the company, don't ask him to increase your salary.

4. Cooperated
Don't be shy to ask when you don't know. If your partner offers a hand, don't refuse it. It is not good, since he / she will suppose that you don't like to work together as a team.

5. Comp ration
Yet you mind with the way company employ in a new office, keep it in your heart. Compare your formerly one with new one make your partners annoyed. They will be wonder why you quit a job and move here if you will it was good.

6. Communication
If you have subordinates, make a consolidation. Find a good time to communicate and work with them. Like hold a meeting once a week. Remember you must be discipline to hold it, so they will pay attention more on you.

7. Goal
To have a goal is essential. Make it and report to boss, reevaluate it periodically, how far it is going. Make a new goal in certain time, like in once a month.

8. Volunteer
It is not wrong to interfere in new task besides your main job. It can give added value. Do it if you can do your main job on time and chasing an extra job well. Unless, it can be a boomerang for you.

9. Careful
Be obedient to using internet and computer in your new office. Be careful to share your feeling your new office at blog. You don't want to be fired just of this, all right?

10. Averagely
Don't despise your partner or your subordinates. Compared with your formerly company will give subjective judgment.

11. Up date
Although, you have achievements to do it well, keep on your horizon and knowledge up to date. You can do it, like subscribing magazines, seminar and reading related books with your job.

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