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Rabu, 15 September 2010

Online Administration Career Education Options

Training for a career in administration can be done by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Students can prepare for their desired career by completing an accredited online degree program. Online training is available for students to complete at their own leisure from their own home. There are a number of areas to choose from when looking to obtain an accredited degree in this exciting field including executive assisting, public administration, and office administration. Students can enroll in an online program to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree level in administration.

*Undergraduate Degrees

Students can train at the undergraduate degree level by completing an associate or bachelor degree program in administration. Accredited associate degrees typically require students to complete around two years of study. Once an associate's degree is earned students can pursue a four year bachelor degree in the field. Coursework will vary by level of desired education and online career training program. Studies can include subjects such as:

* Bookkeeping
* Filing
* Word Processing
* Organization
* Data Analysis
* Project Planning
* Business Ethics

...and many other related courses. Students who choose to gain an accredited education in this area of the field can expect to have the skills needed to enter into a number of careers. With an undergraduate degree in administration students can seek employment as Certified Professional Secretaries (CPS), clerical workers, secretaries, accountants, retail managers, human resources manager, and more. Training for an undergraduate degree in this field will allow students to start the career they desire.

*Graduate Degrees

Accredited online training for a graduate degree in administration will give students the opportunity to obtain a master or doctoral level degree. Master level degrees can be obtained by completing an additional two years of study once a bachelor's is earned. With a master degree in the field students can pursue a doctoral level degree. Doctorate degrees consist of an additional four years of schooling. Coursework will be based on the degree and desired career. Studies can include:

* Accounting
* Office Management
* Typing
* Communication
* Statistics
* Business Planning
* Marketing

...and much more. By gaining knowledge in these areas students will be prepared to enter into the workforce. Training will allow students to pursue a number of careers including Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), office administrator, strategic planners, executive assistant, public administrator, and many other professions. With a graduate degree students can start a successful career in their desired are of the administrative field.

Gaining an accredited education in administration will open a world of opportunities for students. Accredited online schools and colleges can provide students with the best quality education possible. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) to qualifying educational training programs. Students can learn more by researching various programs and requesting more information about a degree in administration. Start your career training by enrolling in an accredited career training program today.

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