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Selasa, 07 September 2010

Jobs For Moms With Young Children - Earning an Income Without Sacrificing Your Kids

Raising children is the most important work there is. While they are young, they need mom to be very present. I am waiting for the day that we can be paid for doing this work that is so critical for the future. In the meantime, we need to look at the best jobs for moms with young children, so we can provide for their physical needs as well as give the love and support they need.

Here are my top 4 suggestions for moms with young children.

1. Childcare: This allows you to be home with your own kids while getting paid to look after others' children. Check out what all the local guidelines are for doing this in your home. This option does not work for everyone. I, for example, found it to be too much. In fact, I was out of patience and energy when it came to my own children and that was not the kind of mom I wanted to be. I have friends, on the other hand, that found this to be a lot of fun and the best of the jobs for moms with young children.

2. Housekeeping/Janitorial: It is very possible to find cleaning jobs that allow you to bring your kids, making them decent jobs for moms with young children. Some examples of these might be church or school janitor or homes that need cleaning after construction (before everyones' possessions are in there so little hands are not getting into trouble). This worked great for our family for a couple of years. I packed a picnic lunch for us every time and I took a break halfway through so we could sit and eat together. I also brought a movie player and a playpen to buy me some time. The hours are usually part time, so even if you choose not to bring your kids, you will still have many hours a day with them when you are not working.

3. Direct Sales: There are more and more moms going into direct sales. This is one of the most commonly sought jobs for moms with young children. The hours are somewhat flexible, as you set your own schedule. It does involve being out several evenings each month but you choose the evenings. Moms, please be sure you do your research before choosing a company. Be sure they offer the best products for everyone (not just 1 or 2 products) and the best training and the best pay. Be prepared to wait for your pay to grow with direct sales. You must be self motivated, great with people and you need to have thick skin as many will turn you down. I did well in this field, but the pay was a bit disappointing. Some are more successful than others.

4. Internet Marketing: Of all the jobs for moms with young children, this is the most flexible. Those that are committed to learning it can also become very prosperous in a relatively short time if you choose the right company. You do not have to be an internet whiz to learn this. You should be able to view the training and the compensation plan so you can be sure you will be successful. If you are not able to see it until you are signed up, DO NOT SIGN UP. They are hiding something. With the right company, this job can literally be worked a couple hours a day and have huge payoffs over time. The internet is on 24/7 so you can work when your kids are in bed, if you want.

Once you have determined what is important to you, you can then search out which jobs for moms with young children will best suit you and your family. God bless you and your family!

Check out an example of a business for moms. Fill out the form on the first page, then watch the video on step #3 of the second page to see Internet Marketing methods to promote your business today.

Kim Webster

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