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Rabu, 01 September 2010

Job Advice For Teens - Find a Mentor

It doesn't matter if you are 16 years old and just starting in your first teen job or if you are in college, it is never to early to seek out a mentor for your career. A career mentor is a person that has experience and wisdom in a particular field and is willing to share their knowledge with someone else. Finding the right mentor can really help you in your career. The first thing you need to do is figure out what it is that you are interested in pursuing. Don't worry, you will not be locked into this, but it is essential that you start somewhere. I have listed some additional tips for finding a mentor below:

Find out where they hang out. This will take some research, you need to find out where people in your chosen field congregate, online and offline. This means that you will have to attend conferences and sign up for organizations and become active. Over time you will begin to notice who the leaders are and these are the people you want to seek out.

The next step is to ask for what you want. Simply put, you need to ask the person if they would be interested in being your mentor and sharing some career advice with you. Most of the time they will say yes, but be prepared for a no. If they say no, brush it off and ask somebody else. Be persistent.

Once you have started a relationship with your mentor, make sure they know you are serious. Keep up with them and they will keep up with you.

Yor mentor can teach you about the field and career you are interested in and can also be a valuable resource to network with.

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