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Senin, 20 September 2010

Finding Jobs in Ireland During the Recession

Job Prospects in Ireland
Like many other countries in the European Union, Ireland is currently going through a severe economic recession. Conservative figures put the employment rate at between 12%-13%, almost double that of 12 months ago. Construction industry Jobs are down almost 40% and many other sectors are not far behind. Many people would automatically assume that there are no Jobs in Dublin or Ireland, given the fact that there are more people leaving the country than arriving. It is true there are far fewer jobs in Ireland during the present time, but it is still a great country to live in. Ireland is a beautiful place with an exceptional education system, a massive rural and community life and plenty to see and do. It is also the chosen location for some of the largest multinationals in Europe including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Intel.

The National Job Agency Fas
If you have decided to live in Ireland or you are currently unemployed in Ireland, then your first stop off will be FAS. FAS is a government agency set up to help the unemployed find work and gain training to improve their future job prospects. They have offices in almost every major town, where you can go to search for recent employment vacancies. They also have a massive variety of training courses for almost every career path there is. More importantly, they are there to give you advice and suggestions for almost any problem you may come up against when searching for a Job.

Local Newspapers
Secondly, if you are based in Dublin your must search through the classified section of the Evening Herald, where you will find a selection of recent Job Vacancies to suit any career. Cork City also has the Evening Echo, a daily tabloid with a variety of job listings. Both these newspapers usually contain hundreds of job vacancies from all over Ireland.

The Old Fashioned Walk In
In Ireland, especially in the service industry, it is quite acceptable to make a personal call into a Hotel or Restaurant in order to find a Job. This gives you a good chance of meeting the owner or manager. Irish people like to know how they are hiring, they like to get a feel for the person rather than a quick look at a CV. Remember, Ireland went into recession fast and it can come out of it pretty quickly.

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