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Rabu, 08 September 2010

Finding Good Jobs For Teens - It is Not Impossible!

Teenagers trying to find good jobs can be difficult, but it is not impossible. There are many good jobs for teens available out there if you know where to look and have prepared well. Preparing for a teen's first job search isn't much different than preparing for your tenth, as long as you are creative.

You should first ask teachers, coaches, and other authority figures for first job tips and letters of reference. Think of them as the only boss you have had up to this point. Also, they may have inside information on positions that will be opening up.

Next, you should prepare a resume. This may seem like an impossible task but it really is quite easy. School experience substitutes for work experience. Make sure the resume highlights your skills as well as any positive extracurricular activities and volunteer work you have done. This can be turned in along with the applications or, in some cases, instead of it. An employer might have twenty teenagers ask for an application on one day, but the one who asked if they could leave their resume behind will stand out and be remembered.

Find good jobs by talking to people you know first. They know you personally and might also provide good references. Start with jobs you know you will enjoy. If she loves fashion then perhaps a job selling clothes would be a good goal. If he loves to hunt, try a sporting goods store. You will find that teens making money by doing something they enjoy are more likely to succeed.

Do not rely only on newspapers when trying to find good jobs. Use all resources available including friends and family, teachers, local websites, and job boards at local businesses. Sometimes these will be a better source of information than the newspapers are. Make sure you use all the options you have available and don't limit yourself to just one.

When beginning your first job search, don't be afraid to ask about openings. Just because the business has not advertised in the paper does not mean they are not hiring. If it turns out that they aren't, the teen should ask to leave a resume in case of later openings. Also, it never hurts to request first job tips when speaking to a hiring manager or business owner. This lets the employer know that you are willing to learn and values their opinion. This alone could land you a money making job.

Always apply first at the places you would truly enjoy working. Then move on to second choices, and then to third choices. Never apply for a job you would hate. Chances are if you hate your job, you will soon quit and that causes other employers to wonder about your work ethic, because job hoping is not viewed as serious. While teens making money is important it is equally important that you realize you are making a commitment and must act responsibly.

Sometimes when trying to find good jobs for teens you have to play the waiting game. Don't loose patience. The number one rule for finding a job, whether it's the first or tenth, is to keep trying. There are plenty of good jobs for teens out there as long as you do not give up.

Danielle Lavallee Wasson

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