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Kamis, 02 September 2010

Desk Toys - Plan a Fun Office Party With These Gadgets

If you've been put in charge of your office's next party, chances are you are hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Take your next office party from boring to party central with fun desk toys, fun decor, office games and (best of all) cool prizes that your coworkers will actually want (sorry, no fountain pen prizes this year).

The Enigma of the Office Party

While office parties in theory should be a blast, in reality they can be as much drudgery as a trip to the dentist for a root canal. Throwing your coworkers, supervisors, bosses and "head honchos" into the mix with your spouse, partner, or date, and you usually have (at least) an uncomfortable situation. While most folks feel obliged to attend the annual office party(s), hardly anyone actually wants to. But much like a staff meeting, those who don't go are considered slackers! And while any office party can be stiff and uptight, you can become the person in your office to turn all of that around with a few savvy office party tips and ideas to make your party fun and engaging.

Office Party Planning

Most office parties are catered, so you likely won't be worrying over appetizers, food and drinks. If your party is pretty low budget, you likely won't have a band but you can liven up the party with some awesome party speakers hooked to your portable music device playing the latest hits (or, if you're having a theme party, such as the '60s, you can choose music that was popular in the particular period, or Christmas songs for holiday parties).

Office Party Games

Keeping your guests entertained (and out of the punch) involves some tricky maneuvering and fun office party games. Choose four or more of these popular games (depending on the length of your party):

* Liar, Liar. This game involves guests gathering in a circle and appointing a score keeper. Each guest must state one true thing about themselves and two lies. When they finish, the other guests must vote on which statement is true. Each player is awarded a point for an incorrect answer. The person who ends up with the most points is dubbed "the office's biggest liar" and gets to choose a prize or be awarded a prize.
* The Statue Game. Explain the rules of the game to the guests as they arrive, or make a small handout that details the rules. One person will be chosen to be a "statue" at a particular time during the party that no one else is aware of. As each guest notices the statue, he or she must also become a statue. The last person to notice that everyone is frozen stiff wins a prize.
* Cotton Ball Game. This old-standby is still hilarious no matter which venue its being played in (and especially after your guests have had a few drinks). You'll need two buckets, two chairs, a big bag of cotton balls, a large service spoon, blindfold and a kitchen timer. Place two chairs about 5-6 feet apart, facing the same way. Put a bucket with cotton balls in one chair, an empty bucket in the other. Blindfold the guest and spin him or her around a few times to disorientate them. Give them the serving spoon and "lead" them to the edge of the bucket where the cotton balls are. Set the time for 3 minutes. On your "go" the guest must use the spoon to scoop out as many cotton balls as possible and transfer them to the empty bucket. The guest to transfer the most balls successfully wins. They can only use one hand to work the spoon. Another version of this game has the guest sit in the chair, holding a bucket while blindfolded, and attempt to spoon as many cotton balls as possible on the top of their head. The guest with the most balls on their head at the end of 2 minutes wins.

Fun Party Prizes for Office Parties

There are tons of cool gifts, gadgets, and desk toys that can make a big difference in how memorable your office party is. The following gifts are recent popular choices that your office party guests will appreciate. Consider making a party bag of gifts for everyone who attends.

* Bernie Madoff's head. Yes, we all wanted to see it chopped off, and now you can enjoy tossing Madoff's head around the office or just squeezing it whenever you feel stressed.
* Rubber band gun - start an office war with this fun office toy that everyone will enjoy.
* Grow a Geek - grow your own geek; just add water and watch him expand. Great for gift bags.
* Chill Pills - candy chill pills will help your coworkers just chill out!
* Desktop Water Dispenser - holds up to a half gallon of water - perfect for the desktop and for your office health nut whose striving to get in their recommended 8 glasses per day. Plus, it's better for the environment than all those plastic bottles that have a half-life of 500 years.
* Survival kit in a sardine can - yes you read it right; you get a fish hook and line, compass, first aid supplies, duct tape, matches, whistle, signal mirror and more. Great and thoughtful party favor or to help fill your party goody bag.

You can build more fun into your next office party by making use of fun desk toys as cool game prizes that your office mates and even your boss will surely love to treasure.

Susan A. Campbell

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