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Senin, 06 September 2010

14 Teen Career (And Adult) Discovery Tips

Taking a Teen Career Quiz can help give you suggestions for career choices. Although, taking any career test is not a crystal ball, it can give you ideas about career possibilities you never even thought about.

I believe the 14 Career Tips are common sense guidelines you can follow in finding a career that will fit your style, almost perfectly. It stands to reason, that if one knows himself well enough, he will also be acutely aware about his learned skills and natural abilities. Armed with this knowledge, through the aid of a teen career quiz, one can begin his search for that job which blends in with who he is as a unique individual. The list below is not all inclusive, as there are always variables and exceptions to any rule.

1). Know that, more often than not, people do not change. The basic you is a constant, and will probably never change that much as a whole. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you can be at peace with yourself, and know how important it is to match the real YOU to the right job, and not try to force yourself to fit into an area that does not blend well with who you are. We all wish to be ourselves in everything we do, and want to be accepted by others just the way we are. So, why not express the total you, through the right job where you have commonality with others, and also get paid for doing it?

2). We were born with certain unique talents that make it more enjoyable, and easier to do certain tasks over others. Acquiring the knowledge about your natural talents, can help you in discovering your dream career.

3). You are bound by natural laws and must obey them. This means you are who you are, because of nature and nurture. You either have to work with what you have, or receive additional training and education to get inside the career you want. If you break nature's laws by trying to be someone you are not, (Through being in the wrong job) by using abilities you are weaker in, you will be penalized by the forces within yourself, and become unhappy and stressed out. This is one reason why over half the workforce is unhappy with their jobs. They are in effect, trying to be someone they are not, because they are unsuccessfully using their weaker, least favorite skills. This can never lead to career fulfillment, or job success. Using your weaker job aptitudes will lead to an unsatisfying career, and create an unhappy personal life.

4). Everyone has inherent weaknesses, and identifying them is the only work around you can do. They will not go away, as they exist as part of our nature. The best we can do is become aware of our weaknesses and faults, and focus instead, upon our preferred strengths. We are not perfect, yet we can excel in areas in which we have the best aptitude, ability, and passion for.

5). Everyone has strengths; And to find inner peace and happiness, one must utilize his preferred strengths in some constructive outlet. Expression of your preferred aptitudes does not necessarily have to be exercised through a career. The aptitudes can be acted out and engaged through a special interest, or hobby. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use your strongest abilities in your life's work or true calling first, because it will bring much more personal and professional success and fulfillment than any hobby or special interest ever could.

6). One must learn about himself and know what his weaknesses and strengths are. Acceptance of you, the way you are, is a prerequisite to locating your ideal career. In this life, we are imperfect and striving to better ourselves. If we are never happy with who we are, the way we are, right now; Then, when will we be? We were born into a society where we are not satisfied with anything we get for long, there is never enough of it, and we do not get it quick enough. Be assured that self nonacceptance, blocks us from further inner and outer growth. When will we ever be satisfied with what we have in each moment of time? Begin, by accepting yourself with all your faults, right now. Then, you can begin on your life path free of some of the self restricting chains that used to hold you back.

7). Once one inventories his strengths and weaknesses, he must figure out which jobs require his strengths, and avoid picking those careers that require the use of his weaker abilities. A teen career quiz, or a battery of teen quizzes or career tests, can help you know yourself better through through taking an inventory of your personality, skills, interests, aptitudes, attitudes, values, natural talents, and working abilities.

8). If you match your aptitudes (skills and abilities) that you love to use, plus add your interests, values, and passions (working preferences) to the job these qualities blend well with, you will have found an occupation in which, you can call a dream job.

9). Never work in a profession for the money or the prestige. Work in it because you like doing it.

10). Never gain employment within an occupation where you are required to use your weak abilities and aptitudes.

11). If you use your weak abilities, you will become bored, stressed, negative, disinterested, and unhappy in your personal and professional life.

12). In life, our core self does not change, although our values and interests may change or become altered or modified through time, due to our own personal growth, development, preferences, and unpredictable life changing circumstances.

13). Be forewarned that when you do find what you believe is your ideal career, you may grow out of it or change your mind at some point in the future. People do change careers a few times in life. This is as common as changing majors in college.

14). To further assist you in finding your ideal career, learn to quiet your body and mind daily through sitting still. If you learn how to Meditate, ( I teach this in my Stress Management Pages on my Website) you will increase your chances of receiving insights into yourself, and as a byproduct, will eventually learn which careers you fit better in, and those that you do not. Eventually when you are ready to receive it, you will be enlightened and receive a flash of inspiration and insight about the nature of which careers are truest for your personal style and working aptitudes.

Steve Humphreys

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