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Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Teen Job Search Tip - Get a Professional Resume Prepared

This is your time to shine. Your resume is a personal marketing tool that if done right, will snag you the interview. It is important to build a resume that is polished and effective. A resume that presents a concise and authentic picture of your skills is worth its weight in gold during the job search because it tells the employer very effectively why they should choose you.

Keep Their Interest!
In this competitive job market, employers receive hundreds and thousands of resumes every day. A busy employer going through a stack of resumes will look at your resume for less than a minute. In order to keep their interest, your resume needs to be concise and have a professional, current look.

What a Professional Resume Looks Like
A professional resume will have the following sections: Objective or Professional Summary, Skill Summary, Employment History, Education Section, Honors /Awards Section, and a Professional Membership Section. It will be printed on beige or white resume quality paper stock that can be purchased in the office section of your local department store.

How to Build A Resume
It is a good idea to check out some online resources for assistance when building your first resume. There are free templates that you can download to assist you. Also, if you need some individual help you can contact your local school guidance counselor, local Workforce Development Office or local Department of Labor Office and speak with a career counselor for free.

No matter how you decide to put your resume together, work on it until it absolutely sings, "Choose me!". Make sure you spell check it and then ask someone you trust to read it for spelling errors and clarity. Take your time! Preparing a great resume will give you confidence; it will help you discover your strengths and demonstrate them effectively to an employer.

Happy Job Seeking!

Marcy Travis 

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