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Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

Taking a Look at Teen Jobs During Summer Breaks

When it comes to teen jobs during summer break, the possibilities are endless. In addition to being a great time to make some extra money, travel jobs allow you to see new parts of the world that you may have never gotten to experience before. Teen summer jobs in the travel industry can also help you go back to some of your favorite locations you have already been to but wanted to go back to again.

If you love being outdoors, then one of the most attractive jobs for teens you can go after is employment with a National Park Service. Some of the summer travel jobs that are usually available with the national parks include maintenance workers and clean up crews. You may be picking up trash, emptying garbage cans or cleaning rest stations. You will be thrilled to work in such a beautiful work environment, whatever position you fill.

A great summer job for teenagers is in a summer camp program. Summer camps are always looking for lifeguards, program leaders, adventure leaders and support staff. Camp counselors usually get free board and lodging. As long as you are good with kids, are ready to have fun, are patient and have a genuine concern for young people, have first aid training and aquatic certification, then you will most likely find a job at the summer camp of your choice. However, this does not mean teen jobs at summer camps are easy to get. Be sure to be ready to do your best throughout the interview process and learn as much about the camp as possible before you apply.

Although most theme parks are open for longer than just the summer months, summer is their peak season. Theme parks usually have jobs for teens during the summer, and every state has at least one theme park. It is as easy as picking the state you are interested in traveling to and doing a little research to learn more about the theme parks in that area.

There are resort jobs available to suit your interests whether you are at home on a ship, on the slopes or on the beach. Many of the available positions may not be all that glamorous, as they are typically maintenance positions and other manual labor types of work. Yet the surroundings you will be in are fabulous and you will often get accommodations at the resort as well.

Whatever you plan on doing and wherever you plan on going, teen jobs are to be had around the country and around the world. Do a little research, and you will discover a myriad of teen summer jobs available. In many instances, you can even fill out job applications online to save yourself some time. It doesn't matter if you work as a lifeguard or as a counselor at a Christian camp, have fun and enjoy the experience.

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