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Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Jobs For Teens in a Recession

In the current recession, jobs for teens may seem impossible to find. Nevertheless, employers are still hiring in a vast array of industries, including traditional teen outlets like retail. Knowing one's skills and understanding the unique legal components to teenage work is essential for finding a key job.

One important way to find a job is by using an online job application. Recruiters for companies like Wal-Mart are constantly searching for talent, particularly as the summer approaches, but this is a great strategy for any time of the year. Too young for a resume? No way!

All a person needs to do is list his or her skills; most teenagers are socially adept and the bulk of jobs for teens focus on developing social skills, working with management and developing team strategies for getting work done. A teenager may have to think critically in such a dreadful economy, but it is possible to get work using technology like Facebook to search for jobs and read ads posted.

Many states require teenagers to be sixteen to start working and in some cases, a teenager may need a worker's permit; furthermore, work hours are limited because of regulations. For instance, an 18-hour workweek is the maximum number of hours permitted during the school year for teenagers between ages 14-15. 16-17 year olds may work an unlimited number of hours, but many managers are willing to work around school schedules and teenagers at this age range often work 8 hours, or the equivalent to a full-time shift, on the weekends.

Assuming a teenager has the legal qualifications to work, the next strategy is to decide what one likes doing. If, for example, a teenager enjoys folding clothes, communicating and helping customers during their shopping sprees, retail, such as a store like Sears, may be an intriguing option. Those preferring more manual work could look into delivering packages for Fed-Ex.

People hear gloom regarding economics, but stores will always need workers. Jobs for teens often represent that initial thrust into the world of independence and self-awareness. A teenager must never give up and plan to look for some time. It may take up to six months to find a job, but teenagers should make use of technology, cast a wide net and make sure they have the maturity to start working. If they can follow the outlined steps, most likely a teenager will soon start working.

Will Stone 

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