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Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

How can I boost my self confidence at work

Have you ever felt that you are just acting out the role of smart executive at work, when underneath the façade, you really feel as if you’re floundering? If the answer is “yes”, be prepared to recognise the scenario and to do something about your feelings. You can learn to think positively and silently boost your confidence in every potentially threatening work situation.

Do you secretly take work home with you on a regular basis in an attempt to keep one step ahead? Recognise that you are not “slow” or uninformed. It is more likely that you have unrealistic expectations of yourself. If you tend to take work home with you at night, it could be that you are simply a perfectionist, putting too many demands upon yourself. Alternatively, others could be putting on you and just expecting too much of you. Your confidence will improve once you accept that it is impossible for any worker to be perfect. You are in fact, doing your best and that is certainly good enough.

Does your confidence plummet at meetings? Your colleagues appear more knowledgeable, more professional, more dynamic –they even seem totally relaxed and enjoying the intermittent banter that is an integral part of most meetings. Appearances, however, can be deceptive. Look objectively at the situation. There is no real reason for you to feel intimidated by this charade. Others are acting, too. You are just as worthy as anyone else in that room and your contribution is just as valuable. Keep this fact in mind throughout the meeting and avoid trying to blend in with the background. Once you have successfully raised your points and enjoyed some positive feedback from your colleagues, your confidence will grow. It will be much easier next time.

Do you hold back on general office conversation through lack of confidence? This situation can change if you take a step back and look at your position within the group. If you think that everyone else’s conversation is much smarter than yours, think again. The best way to tackle this self-doubt is to stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone can offer a unique point of view and everyone’s views are valuable.

Do you lack confidence in your academic ability? Remind yourself of the fact that, in today’s business environment, academic achievement is being used less and less as a basis for evaluating people’s intelligence. Communication skills are more important. The ability to get on with people, negotiate compromises and smooth over difficult work situations is far more relevant. In addition, if you show people that you respect them for the above qualities, they will reciprocate. This will boost your confidence in your ability to interact with colleagues.

Is lack of positive feedback crushing your confidence? Lack of positive feedback often stems from pressure of work and everyone suffering a heavy workload. It is not a personal issue and does not mean that you are no good at your job. In quieter moments, take the lead and ask for constructive feed back from your boss or colleagues. More importantly, make a point of mentally praising yourself at the end of every single working day.

Finally, it is worth bearing in mind that a certain amount of humility or the occasional hint of self-doubt is not necessarily a bad thing. It can often work to your advantage, provided that it is kept in perspective. It can indicate that you are really thinking about what you are doing and that you have your company’s interests genuinely at heart.

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