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Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Gift basket ideas

People love receiving gift baskets. Fun to create, they show the person receiving the gift how much you care and value their individual tastes. There are so many different ways to make these wonderful gifts that the ideas become endless.

There is also the opportunity to sell your creations. Design a web page and sell them, or advertise in your local newspaper and yellow pages. Gift baskets are highly profitable especially if you have a flair for creating beautiful and unique baskets. If you do decide to get into the gift basket business be sure and find places you can buy wholesale, which will greatly increase your profit.

Here are some ideas for different types of baskets you can create.


Find a small to medium sized basket and line with pink tissue paper or raffia grass. Buy a sampler pack of flavored lip glosses, powders, lotions, a makeup kit and a light sporty fragrance and artistically arrange. Don’t forget bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces. Wrap in colored cellophane and tie with a bow.


Place a couple of their favorite c.d.s in the basket along with a pocket comb, cologne, and skin care products designed for males.


Using a medium sized basket, place a thin and soft blanket in as a liner. Select a couple of dolls, stuffed animals, cars, or whatever toys the child might enjoy inside.


Big kids are wild about cartoon pencils and erasers, stickers and trading cards. Add small games (like a Game Boy along with accessories) and the latest Harry Potter book.


Place a soft receiving blanket in along with socks, onesies, teething rings, rattlers, and a small plush toy. Baby brush sets, clippers, bottles, and pacifiers can be added. Or make a basket filled with baby skin products and diapers.


Buy a couple bottles of wine and add cheese, crackers, a cork screw, a pretty bottle top cork, and a couple of wine glasses.


Make up a batch of your famous BBQ sauce and can it in a pretty jar. Add bags of chips, beer and/or cokes, homemade potato salad, and big soft cookies wrapped in colored cellophane. Line the basket with red gingham cloth napkins, and add a package of rolls and a can of baked beans.


Place gourmet tea or coffee in a basket along with cookies, tea cups or coffee mugs, pretty cloth napkins, and a ceramic tea pot (or coffee pot.) Add sugar cubes and flavored creamers. You could also include flavored syrups. If the person you are giving the gift to likes music or reading, throw in a c.d. or a novel.


Buy an assortment of various fruits and create a basket filled with fruits and nuts. Add homemade breads and rolls, or cookies, candies, or other goodies.


A romantic gift idea would be to add sexy lingerie and massage oils into a basket. Include flowers, scented bubble bath, a soft jazzy c.d., candles and a bottle of champagne, along with two wine glasses.


How about creating a basket filled with art supplies? Include paint brushes, different types of paints, markers, pencils, and sketch books.

There are many more ideas but by now you should have the picture. Think about what the person you are giving the basket to and then create a special gift that they will remember forever.

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