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Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Christian home business ideas

Many people are opting to start home-based businesses. Whether it is the stay at home mom, a retiree or a disabled member of society, working from home is popular amongst various segments of society.

One reason for the popularity of work at home jobs is the opportunity to do what one loves. Christians are taking advantage of this opportunity by starting Christian themed home businesses. There are established Christian theme companies that offer opportunities as independent consultants. But with a little creativity, one can start a totally independent Christian theme business. Here are some examples:

1) Birthday Parties – Why not incorporate Christian teaching in a birthday party environment? You can offer a service that provides a Christian theme cake, as well as decorations. There can be Christian theme games and songs. Children’s Christian CD’s can be used as background music. Instead of life size cartoon characters, provide real life versions of Bible characters. These parties can be tailored to adults as well as children. For adults you can arrange the cake, decorations and music on an adult Christian level. Contemporary gospel and Christian CD’s can be used, or you can arrange for live Christian entertainment for your client. A band or even a choir will delight your client and their guests. Don’t forget to provide goodie bags of Christian paraphernalia for your clients and their guests.

2) Christian Women Seminars – being a woman in today’s fast pace world requires a lot of stamina and faith. Women are turning to books and seminars for help and inspiration on being a mother, wife, career woman etc. If you have a background in psychology or sociology, you can hold seminars on how to be a strong Christian woman in today’s world.

3) Christian Party Plan – There are several wholesale brokers and catalogues that sell Christian theme products. Everything from children’s toys to bibles to porcelain figurines can be purchased. You can buy these products wholesale and sell at a retail price. You can orchestrate a party in your home where you set up a display and present the products in a boutique style. You then take orders, payments and deliver the products. Your profit will come off the top, before you order the products. You can also do this in other people’s homes and offer them a percentage of the total sales in products.

4) Stained Glass Windows – Do you have a flair for arts and crafts? You can do Christian theme stained glass windows in people’s homes. Sometimes people have a designated prayer room and would love to have a stained glass window to complete the look. Churches could use your service also.

5) Christian Bakery – Are you a good baker? Why not start a Christian theme bakery out of your home? You can supply cross-shaped cakes and pastries. You can also decorate round or sheet cakes with Christian scenes. Christmas is a popular time for Nativity scene cakes. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings can be accommodated with cross-theme cakes. Christian stencils (crosses, doves and angels) can easily be obtained at arts and crafts stores. These provide the outlines for decorating muffins as well as cakes. You can promote your cakes at various churches in your community. Offer the cake along with several business cards, so that parishioners can place orders if they enjoy the cake. You can also promote your cake and pastry business at Christian hospitals, nursing homes and daycare centers.

6) Knitting/Crocheting – If you are crafty at knitting or crocheting, plenty of people would enjoy Christian theme blankets. Customized crosses and Nativity scenes would sell well year round.

7) Day Care – Christian parents would feel more comfortable leaving their toddlers in a Christian based childcare center. If you have a large enough house, and the correct licensing you can offer day care with a Christian theme for children up to five years of age.

8) Teen Club – If a full day of childcare is too much, try an after school or weekend teen club. Teens tackle a lot of issues. Opening up your home after school and weekends will help direct neighborhood teens to positive Christian activities.

9) Tour Guide – If you live in a medium to large town you can start a Christian sightseeing business. Arrange tours that focus on old and new churches and Christian theme sights.

10) Travel Guide - If you like to travel, why not become a travel agent? Offer bus trips to cities and have a Christian theme itinerary. Church patrons love to travel, but shy away from itineraries of drinking and partying.

Home-based businesses are meant to bring income as well as satisfaction. The preceding were the top ten Christian home base business ideas. These businesses can bring income, satisfaction and as a bonus – spirituality.

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