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Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Youth Jobs: How to Get Started

It is simply never too early to think about joining the workforce, either as a preliminary stint in a sector which a youth might be considering a future in, or just as a temporary gig to gain some income and CV fodder. Whatever the case, there are plenty of youth jobs out there available for kids still in high school or just entering college, and it is important that at this young age a person learn how to handle increased responsibilities, manage their time properly, and experience a slightly more rigorous lifestyle—to help train them for their future.

When a student sets about searching for youth jobs, they need to be somewhat realistic and understand that they may not be given a position with all the features and qualities that they would hope for, under the best of circumstances. Despite the high hopes a young person may have, the reality is that they are most likely highly inexperienced and therefore not qualified to take on the same role as someone with more than a decade in the field; these two different kinds of people just can’t be put on the same level. But don’t let that make you think that youths only have menial or trivial job positions open to them: in fact, many youth jobs are very hands on and are often geared towards obtaining immediate, measurable results.

The options are very broad, and young people need to know where to look in order to land a good first job. As they will learn in life, having contacts and exploiting (without the pejorative connotation) them properly is a huge asset when it comes to job-hunting, and youth jobs are no exception in that regard. Start with family members, sounding out different prospective positions and arranging a few interviews. Then, use school contacts, like the Career Development Office (most high schools have one of these, and there is no better place to go in school to find out about employment opportunities). If you have a particularly strong relationship with a certain teacher, tutor or coach, try to cajole some ideas out of them—the idea is leaving no leaf unturned. Only when you exhaust all the different avenues will you be able to come across a job position that you consider to be suited to your needs and interests.

One of the biggest lessons to be learnt by young people starting their first job is how to properly manage their time: it is a talent that will be progressively honed in and perfected over the course of a person’s life, and which at first may seem rather challenging. If you have a heavy academic load as well as multiple extracurricular activities and even a demanding social life, then you will obviously not be able to take on a heavy workload, though in order to secure the confidence of your new employer you will need to make certain sacrifices in your other personal activities. It is always important to keep in mind that, with youth jobs, setting a good first impression is important—for the youth more than for anybody else, as this initial experience will shape to a large extent future work experiences.

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